Great Falls Revisions

Last weekend we had a productive meeting with our Great Falls client– I was relieved to see the early design concepts were met with great & positive enthusiasm. The client expressed some concerns with a couple of the elevation choices and stair combinations, so they have been slightly altered from the original– specifically, a lower landing area has been increased in size just off the front entrance, the retaining wall has been lowered to below seatwall height, and a truly lovely old semi-dwarf Japanese Maple has been re-sited to directly in front of the minor entrance.

One of the original design elements missing in this space is the lack of sufficient visual differentiation between the major and minor entrances along the front facade– the pantry or butler’s entrance ‘feels like’ the appropriate door to approach. We have changed that through several layers of the design. First, two sets of formal container plantings are used, the lesser entrance is flanked with containers slightly looser in feel and composition. These are also smaller in stature than the main entrance’s containers and compositions. They are also at a lower elevation during the approach. Next, the lesser entrance will be visually ‘blocked’ by careful placement of an old and quite lovely Japanese Maple already onsite. Finally, the walkway coming off the main path is more narrow in width than the main, and is at a direct right angle to help direct visitors forward.

click drawing for gargantuan sized image

Thanks for reading, your feedback is always welcome!